The Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute studies the value and role of radiology in evolving health care delivery and payment systems, including quality based approaches to care and the impact of medical imaging on overall health care costs. Neiman Institute research provides a foundation for evidence-based imaging policy to improve patient care and bolster efficient, effective use of health care resources.

Neiman Imaging Types of Service (NITOS)

Neiman Imaging Types of Services (NITOS) codes provide a variable that can be merged into datasets by HCPCS code to identify imaging procedures by modality and anatomic site. This new coding system augments the existing BETOS system for imaging focused studies, and was designed to be usable either in conjunction with or in lieu of BETOS for imaging analyses.




Each specific character in the NITOS four digit code indicates whether the procedure is: 1) invasive or non-invasive; 2) modality; 3) body region; and 4) focus area.   For a detailed description for how NITOS was developed and can be used please see our policy brief.


Download the HCPCS to NITOS code crosswalk

NITOS Data Dictionary