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The Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute® studies the value and role of radiology in evolving health care delivery and payment systems, including quality based approaches to care and the impact of medical imaging on overall health care costs. Neiman Institute research provides a foundation for evidence-based imaging policy to improve patient care and bolster efficient, effective use of health care resources.

Press Releases

August 16, 2021

Neuroimaging Growth for Radiology Trainees was Nearly Double the Growth for Radiologists between 2002 and 2018

A new Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute study found that between 2002 and 2018 neuroimaging exams increased 86% for radiologists and 163% for radiology trainees (residents and fellows). This means that neuroimaging services provided by radiology trainees increased disproportionately compared to radiologists—89% faster—over this period. While radiologists provide the vast majority of neuroimaging, the share provided by trainees increased from 3.7% to 5.3% between 2002 and 2018. Read More

August 10, 2021

Weekly Outpatient Imaging Volume Decreased Nearly 90% at its Peak During COVID-19 (April 2020) but Recovered to Pre-Pandemic Levels within 4 Months

A new Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute study found during a six-week period in March and April 2020, weekly outpatient imaging volume was 57% less than the same period in 2019. At its peak, the weekly imaging volume was down nearly 90% when examined on a weekly basis but recovered to pre-pandemic levels within 4 months. Read More

August 4, 2021

52% Increase in Emergency Department Cervical Spine Imaging from 2009 to 2018

This new Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute study found that cervical spine imaging per emergency department encounter for trauma increased 52% between 2009 and 2018. This increase is largely attributable to the 10.5% annual increase in CT imaging for patients with minor injuries who have, historically, had lower utilization. This JACR study was based on over 11.3 million ED trauma encounters for commercially insured patients using the IBM MarketScan Database, which includes data from over 300 insurance carriers. Read More

July 23, 2021

12% of Secondary Imaging Interpretation Costs are Paid by Patients

A new Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute study found that patients paid 12% of the costs of secondary imaging interpretation out-of-pocket. Such secondary interpretations are increasingly performed for complex patients, but patients’ liabilities and paid out-of-pocket costs were not previously known. This Journal of the American College of Radiology study was based on 7,740 secondary interpretations for adult patients performed in a large metropolitan health system over a 2-year period. Read More

July 7, 2021

Legislation for Surprise Billing May Decrease In-Network Reimbursement

A new Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute study, published in Radiology, reviewed the implications of unexpected out-of-network balance billing—commonly called surprise billing—on reimbursement for hospital-based specialties such as radiology. The analysis concluded that even physicians who never engaged in such billing practices may still be impacted by the No Surprises Act, which is due to take effect in 2022. Read More

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